I traveled to India in 2018.


Seth Dahl is the vision behind Big Cedar Media. He is a one man production company who writes, directs, shoots, and edits his stories.

It started for him in Montana, many years ago, as he bounced down dirt roads in a dusty pickup looking for something. He was a wild eyed dreamer then, and constantly searching for adventure. He served seven years with the 1-163rd Infantry Battalion, an Army National Guard unit based out of Missoula, Montana and in 2004 he deployed to Iraq for one year. There he crossed paths with an associated press photographer who sparked his interest in photojournalism as a profession. Upon returning home Seth studied at the University of Montana School of Journalism where he learned the art and craft of visual storytelling. After college Seth started Big Cedar Media and for six years now he has been building Big Cedar Media into a documentary film production company.

Seth is still a dreamer but these days he’s a passionate doer! Many of his films consist of people overcoming adversity through outdoor adventure and sport, many of whom are veterans. Seth is dedicated to his subjects and he strives to go above and beyond for his clients. He’s determined, he’s steady, and he’s consistent. Over the years his film dreams have become real images now, of real people, in real situations. They entertain us, they educate us, and they inspire us. Seth is constantly searching for stories of substance and his value and worth can be found there. He’s original. He’s authentic. And he thinks cinematic. Seth’s mission with Big Cedar Media’s is simple:

He asks. He listens. He shares.


behind the scenes


Big name clients

Big Cedar Media has made story based films for Clif Bar and Northwest River Supplies.


Online articles

Big Cedar Media has been written up in Boise based newspaper The Idaho Statesman and Montana based magazine Mountain Outlaw. Seth also wrote an article with photos for Mountain Outlaw Magazine about blind veteran’s who kayak.



Seth’s been fortunate to meet other professionals in the adventure filmmaking world and depending on the size and scope of the project, he may need help with certain aspects of the production and post-production process. In these scenarios Seth works with freelance contractors who specialize in cinematography, camera operation, editing, animation, color grading, sound design, and drone operation. Together the team shines in the hard to reach places and rough shooting environments they work in.