Above Tappan Falls

Above Tappan Falls
Above Tappan Falls

Above Tappan Falls

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The Middle Fork of the Salmon River cuts through the heart of Idaho's 2.5 million acre Frank Church Wilderness. This photo was taken from above Tappan Falls looking up river. 

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This "Above Tappan Falls" image was printed on a 24 by 36 inch aluminium with a glossy finish by Aluminyze.

These river themed B&W's look great printed on glossy or matte finished aluminium prints with a 3/4 inch wall float.

The metal print offers a chic, simple, and modern look, while the B&W outdoor imagery is raw and gritty.

I used an online print company called Aluminyze.com for these prints.

Keep in mind there are many other local and online printing options to choose from.


These B&W river prints looks great partnered with another! Both "Above Tappan Falls" (Right) and "Summer Showers" (Left) are printed by Aluminyze and displayed with a 3/4 inch wall float. "Above Tappan Falls" is printed at 24 inches by 36 inches with a glossy finish. "Summer Showers" is printed at 20 inches by 30 inches with a matte finish.